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At our area center of IELTS in Mohali, we take care of the IELTS things that makes people afraid – and make the students overcome their fear. Seabird is one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali.

Everyone hates exams, this is a fact. Exams make you panicky and uncomfortable. In most of the cases people are unable to do well in exams because they fear them. IELTS Institute in Mohali

IELTS can be difficult for an untrained person. Some modules can be intimidating for some people unless they are specially trained to handle them. If we take the element of surprise out of IELTS, these fears will automatically fade away.” But IELTS in Mohali Helps You to Get Good IELTS Score in Your EXAM.                                   I oELTS Institute in Mohali, IELTS Institute in Mohali, IELTS Institute in Mohal]i


1. If I miss the answers in the Listening module?
This is a fear of lacking concentration. Ask any IELTS candidate of in the Listening module and they will say:  “I am afraid to miss answers. I am afraid that I won’t be able and confident to follow the recording”.
To make this  disappear there is only one solution – practice. Practicing builds up confidence level and teaches you how to recover even if you’ve missed and do not understand a question or two; how to move on and get all the rest done. Practice reveals what your weak points are, which tasks are the most difficult or complex for you, and where the points are usually lost. Paying extra attention to those tasks will save costly or expensive points and improve the overall band score.

2. If I don’t have enough time?
In the Reading and Writing sections the most important fear is to not finish on time. The best way to handle or deal with this fear is to take control of the time and manage it carefully. The students are given several passages and under no situations should you let one passage eat up all the time.

One of the time management process is called “Divide and Conquer”. Divide the time in the  beginning of the test and write down when you will start from working on each passage. Stick to that contract no matter  is what. Even if you have questions unanswered, move on to the next passage or peragraph. Consider this a damage control system – it will make sure that even if some questions were missmatched, most of the questions will be answered.

3.If I have nothing to write about?
This is a big fear of writer’s block. Many students are scared of getting a topic for the essay and having nothing to say about it. The easiest way to get over it is to read a lot of essays on different topics and to absorb other people’s thoughts. The truth is that IELTS examiners don’t care about the source ; it is the way an essay is written that matters.

4.If I say the wrong thing?
This is a fear of expressing the ideas and “inappropriate” . Contrary to what many people think, there are no ideas. As long as the student is speaking on topic and expressing their thoughts and ideas in a logical way, no idea can harm their score.

5.f I have nothing to say – SPEAKING TEST
This is a fear of interaction and communication way with the examiner. In general, the Speaking module often makes people feel uncomfortable or panic because there is little or no time to think what to do. What if they ask me a question and I have no opinion ; To make this fear go away people need to build up confidence. Practicing speaking for a couple of weeks with a list of topics can do wonders; after you’ve to try the proved the ability to speak to yourself, it becomes much easier to demonstrate it to the examiner.

Some students get nervous and panic about being recorded. Surprisingly the reason for this procedure is to desire the examiner, not the examinee. There are cases when students are not satisfied with their score and demand re-assessment, which can only be done if there is a recording of the exam.

In conclusion, I will say it again – we, humans, are scared of the unknown and comfortable with the familiar. Don’t let irrational fears get in the way of your success or aim. If you want to appear for IELTS in Mohali, Chandigarh or anywhere in Punjab, give us a call, and we will simplify the things for you.

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SEABIRD @ Best IELTS Institute in Mohali

• Only 15 students in one class
• Trial Classes for 2 days without any charges
• Extra Practice Material to take along without any charges
• Flexible class timings
• Up to 9 hours of study time every day
• Training given by Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty
• Individual Attention
• Feedback on regular basis
• For better results, Weekly Mock Test with real exam pattern
• Option for working professionals to study at weekend
• We are registered institute with IDP and British Council
• In 2015 only more than 500 students has passed IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE from Seabird with good scores.

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